Annual Report

2017 Annual Report


Help Kids India, Inc. (HKI) celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. We remain deeply committed to our mission: supporting the work of the Betsy Elizabeth Trust (BET) in India.

Through this funding, HKI…

  • supplied three of BET’s five creches with 100% of their operating expenses
  • gave 170 preschool children education, day care, food, clothing and medical care
  • provided transportation to and from school for staff and children, and for medical visits
  • supported monthly parent workshops on health, nutrition, parenting and community issues with 90-95% of creche families voluntarily participating
  • enabled BET to employ 24 local women in areas with severe limitations for professional work and development
  • helped to keep a creche health center, which the community uses heavily for primary and midwifery care, open 24/7

To fulfill our commitments to BET and our responsibilities to donors, the HKI Board of Directors…

  • remained an all-volunteer board with no paid employees
  • moved to cover 100% of HKI administrative costs through board donations
  • remitted 100% of all (non-board) contributions directly to BET in India
  • reviewed BET’s audited reports and governmental requirements
  • maintained close contact with BET administrators and personnel
  • raised through events and personal donations 19% of HKI’s 2017 payments to BET
  • carried forward sufficient funds for the first two quarters of 2018


Financial Summary, FY 2017


2016 CARRIED FORWARD                       

12.31.2016                                                $17,845.83




Individuals                                                $35,647.85

Churches                                                      19,770.08

Corporate                                                      5,000.00

Schools                                                               105.00

HKI Board of Directors                              4, 564.20

Fundraising events:                                   10,334.95

Other:                                                                   138.01

Total Revenue:                                       75,560.09



Administration                                              2,238.05

Events                                                               2,699.11

Payments to Affiliate (Betsy Elizabeth Trust, India):

Helping Heart Creche                                  16,000

Little Lilies Creche                                         16,000

Good Shepherd Creche                                17,160

BET administration                                         2,000

Sewing Center                                                       625

 Total Expenses:                                  $56,812.16



12.31.2017                                                  $36,593.76