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Good news!  

All the crèches supported by HKI are now in appropriate, sound, safe buildings owned by Betsy Elizabeth Trust.   This is a milestone for BET and ends the uncertainty around renting.  It also allows more funds to go directly into regular operating expenses.



HKI’s annual budget is $56,000.

96.5% of HKI funds  go directly to the Betsey Elizabeth Trust.  What does BET do with it?

  • The operating expenses of one crèche for a year are $16,000. HKI funds three crèches.
  • A contingency fund for emergencies, such as the flooding last December in Porayar where many crèche families lost homes, family members and land: $4,000
  • As assistant for Mrs. Hilda, the managing director of the Betsey Elizabeth Trust: $2,000

3.5% of  HKI funds cover our mailings, brochures and publicity.


Donations of all sizes are most welcome.  Gifts go a long way in India.

Here’s what yours could do for one month at the crèches :

  • $17 – a daily cup of milk for 50 children
  • $52 – all the crèche’s food
  • $130 – a teacher’s salary
  • $1,333 – cost to run an entire crèche

HKI is a non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.

We can’t say it enough:

Thank you!


To contribute by check:  make payable to Help Kids India and mail to:
Help Kids India
PO Box 1022
East Corinth, VT 05040


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Donations made by check will receive a tax deductible letter.  Be sure to include your return address.

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