St. Johnsbury Academy, Vermont

Founded in 1842, St. Johnsbury Academy is a comprehensive independent secondary school widely recognized as an institution that develops character, academic excellence, and civic responsibility in its students. Its unique combination of private boarding school with a strong contingent of international students and the school for local students who are tuitioned in, lends rich resources of experience and depth.

A group of students is preparing for the Academy’s third trip to India in April, 2016. They will work at Poriyar and go up to Kodaikanal to work on projects in the health center and crèches. In preparation for their trip, students are learning about India and what they will encounter there, and are hard at work raising funds to contribute to BET through HKI. The Academy is committed to furthering global understanding by encouraging foreign travel and study.

Learn more by visiting the St. Johnsbury Academy web site.  The Colwell Center for Understanding supports language learning, cultural understanding, travel and exchange programs and serves as a resource to students, faculty and the community.

See their  India 2012: Porayar and Beyond video.