Morning Pick-up in Kodai

Driver Isaac Newton collects at least 20 children and two teachers, delivering them to Little Lily’s Crèche.


How Crèche Graduates Fare in Primary School

Headmaster Pream Kumar says crèche graduates transitioning to his school are typically the top students in his class and demonstrate strong moral values, good hygiene, and curiosity.


Jagan’s Story

In this short video, Hilda Isaac introduces Jagan, a boy from one of the forest villages near Kodaikanal whose life has been transformed by the love and care of the teachers at Little Lilies Crèche. Hilda is executive director of Betsy Elizabeth Trust, which oversees five crèches in South India.


St. Johnsbury Academy Service Trip 2016

Students from St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont traveled on a service trip to Betsy Elizabeth Cèches in Kodaikanal and Poriayar in April, 2016. The trip is led by Sarah Garey, Help Kids India board member and Director of Health Services at the academy.