SOUTH INDIA– The children in our preschools and their families are suffering under the national lockdown. Daily wage earners, parents were caught without resources; they lack food, fresh water, and cooking fuel. Three generations crowd in one-room huts for endless days, growing more desperate. The staff has enlisted police support to get food to families — staples that require cooking, nothing fresh.

Preschool funds are running low. We need money for food and to ensure that the preschools will reopen.

The children are hungry, many traumatized by family violence. They are lacking stimulation and free movement. They will need their schools more than ever, where they are safe, where good food, hygiene, health care, learning, play, loving teachers and friends will restore their fractured young lives.

We ask your help. The children need food now and the assurance of their preschools welcoming them back.

HKI is an all-volunteer organization, supporting three preschools for 170 children. 100% of your donation goes directly to the support of the schools.

Help Kids India - kids playing

Perceiving a Need

In the southern tip of India are five simple little schools, or crèches as they’re called in India, for children born into poverty. Their parents are among the poorest in India, whose work, breaking stones for roads or primitive farming on other peoples’ land, forces them to leave their youngest children in the care of elderly parents or other children. Their lives are relentlessly precarious and sometimes desperate. They love their children and want the same things for them as parents everywhere. But often, even the basics are lacking…

Education ~ Health ~ Hope

Our work is to help support these schools. At school children are fed nutritious meals, given clothing and sandals, taught basic hygiene, monitored for growth and weight, and receive health care when needed. They are taught a sound pre-school curriculum with lots of play, art, music and dance. In nurturing, supportive and safe surroundings, they relax from the stresses of poverty. They grow, learn, and hope while laying the groundwork or a better future.

Your contribution helps make a difference, not only in a boy or girl’s life, but in the well-being of a whole village, now and in the future. Thank you for your interest and support.