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On March 25, 2020, India imposed a national lockdown that lasted five weeks. Restrictions continue. The hardship is unprecedented for our preschool families who were already living on the edge. India’s Covid-19 rates are still rising. Cases of the virus are in both preschool areas. Schools remain closed but staff is working tirelessly to help their communities.

Schools are closed but HKI donors are making an immediate and direct impact.
Rising to pandemic challenges: The preschools are a lifeline for their communities.

With the help of HKI donors the crèches are…

  • Buying land and establishing a community garden for food and income
  • Distributing free food biweekly to 150 preschool families
  • Stitching free masks for the preschool communities
  • Advising on Covid-19 and connecting with families through home visits
  • Keeping the Health Center open for community use
  • Providing urgent medical care  for preschool children
  • Employing 25 people for a building project
  • Maintaining full salary for all staff during the pandemic
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Perceiving a Need

In the southern tip of India are five simple little schools, or crèches as they’re called in India, for children born into poverty. Their parents are among the poorest in India, whose work, breaking stones for roads or primitive farming on other peoples’ land, forces them to leave their youngest children in the care of elderly parents or other children. Their lives are relentlessly precarious and sometimes desperate. They love their children and want the same things for them as parents everywhere. But often, even the basics are lacking…

Education ~ Health ~ Hope

Our work is to help support these schools. At school children are fed nutritious meals, given clothing and sandals, taught basic hygiene, monitored for growth and weight, and receive health care when needed. They are taught a sound pre-school curriculum with lots of play, art, music and dance. In nurturing, supportive and safe surroundings, they relax from the stresses of poverty. They grow, learn, and hope while laying the groundwork or a better future.

Your contribution helps make a difference, not only in a boy or girl’s life, but in the well-being of a whole village, now and in the future. Thank you for your interest and support.