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Good news for donors!

100% of your contribution to HKI

now goes where it’s most needed —

to the crèches in India


Help Kids India’s mission is to support three crèches for 170 children living in poverty. The crèches are run independently by our partner in India, the Betsy Elizabeth Trust. BET has had clearance in India to receive foreign funds since 1998, is in compliance with governmental regulations for non-profits and preschools, and is audited annually. BET and executive director, Mrs. Hilda Isaac, have received academic, state, and national recognition for service to the poor.

$53,250 : HKI’s budgeted donor contributions for 2018

Where does the money go?

  • $48,000: The annual operating expense per crèche is $16,000. HKI funds three crèches.
  • $2,250: Emergency fund, for events such as the 2015 flooding in Porayar where many crèche families lost homes, family members and land. There is NO safety net.
  • $2,000: An assistant for Mrs. Hilda, the Betsy Elizabeth Trust’s executive director.
  • $200: Office expenses for BET.
  • $800: Additional support for the sewing centers that provide training and income for mothers of crèche students.

$53,250 to provide safety, nutrition,

health care, education, and hope

for 170 children and 30 adults.

So little provides so much.

When you donate to HKI your money makes a

direct, personal, and lasting impact.  

Gifts go a long way in India

Here’s what yours could do at the crèches :

  • $4 – School supplies for one child per month
  • $6 – 2 glasses of milk each day for one child for one month
  • $17.76 – Food (breakfast, lunch and snack) for one child for one month
  • $30 – Set of new clothing and shoes for one child each year
  • $16 – Fuel for cooking and crèche jeep per month
  • $140 – Head teacher’s monthly salary
  • $320 – Cost for one child for one year
  • $1,333 – Total expense to run one crèche for one month

Help Kids India is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Help Kids India is run by an all-volunteer board of directors
HKI has no paid staff.  In 2017, board members made the commitment
to underwrite our entire administrative budget so that
100% of donations could go directly to the crèches.

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Help Kids India
PO Box 1022
East Corinth, VT 05040

HKI is a registered non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.

We can’t say it enough:

Thank you!

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