Current Needs

The preschools love books!

Why books? Why now? With the basics well in hand—health care, nutrition, facilities—the crèches are enriching their academic focus, starting with early literacy and numeracy, and beyond, to  environmental studies and civics. But the crèches haven’t had new books in years and their supply is scanty and falling apart.

The crèche libraries and core collections: Help Kids India set up two libraries in 2018 for the preschools’ collective use and gave each crèche a collection of core books.  All are bilingual Tamil/English or just Tamil, the language the children speak.

Book of the Month Program: In 2018, a team of early literacy professionals visited the crèches to set up the libraries and hold early literacy workshops with all staff.   To keep the ideas fresh, they continue each month to select a title, develop suggested lesson plans around it, including materials for projects, and send the books and materials to all five crèches.

How you can help: Please note “Libraries” or “Book of the Month” on the memo line so we’ll know how to direct your gift.

  • Build the bilingual crèche libraries: Most books on our Book Wish List are around $2.  We order books from Amazon India or Higgenbothams Book Store in Chennai to be sent directly to the schools.  Let us know which titles you prefer. See our extensive Book Wish List »
  • Book of the Month: The average cost per book bought in the US is $12.  Any amount is welcome.  The books and materials are delivered by visitors or go by mail.

Please make your check payable to Help Kids India and mail it to: 
Help Kids India
P.O. Box 1022
East Corinth, VT 05040

Thank you!