Funding Partners

Funding Partners

Funding Partners are groups or individuals who commit to annual support for the crèches of $500 or more, up to the entire expense of running a crèche for one year.

Funding Partners provide the core budget for the crèches’ annual operating expenses.  Some Partners have an interest in a particular crèche and may direct their funds to support that crèche; others contribute to the general fund.

Help Kids India, with the help of its Funding Partners, supports three of the five crèches managed by the Betsy Elizabeth Trust (BET) in Tamil Nadu, India.  The International School of Geneva, Switzerland, and Asha for Education, Seattle Chapter, WA, each fund an entire crèche directly through BET.

Funding Partners are the bedrock of HKI and BET’s mission.

HS Volunteers

Ecolint staff and students with children and staff of Little Lilies Crèche.

Jess Lewis, a student at the International School of Geneva (Ecolint), an HKI Funding Partner, traveled with teachers and a student service group to work at the crèches in April, 2016.   Jess writes:

“One of the best things about going to India was seeing how great a difference the money we raised could make. Ecolint completely funds Peach Tree crèche with its 50 kids aging from 3-5. The main role of these crèches is to introduce children to education in the right way and without these Crèches, the mothers of these children wouldn’t be able to go out and work, as they would have to stay at home and look after them. Lots of the money also goes towards the projects we do in the crèches like buying paint brushes and paint, or paying for the roof to be plastered.

“My experience in India is one that I will never forget, I had the most wonderful time.”


Funding Partners, we can’t say it enough:

Thank you!