Help Kids India is a volunteer organization

When we extend a hand, although there may be half a world between us, there is a little child in India ready to take it. There’s nothing quite like giving a child a chance at a better future.

volunteering for Help Kids India

Nurse midwife, Lora Chatfield, discusses health concerns with crèche parents.

St Johnsbury Academy volunteers

Demolition experts from Vermont clear the way to build a new crèche.


In Switzerland, a Scottish ceilidh raises funds for crèches in India.

How can you help?


HKI volunteers visit the crèches, do projects with the children, work with staff,  explore crèche needs and  help develop solutions.  They help in times of natural disaster, make videos and take photographs.  They  build, paint, dig,  and plant.  They are our eyes and ears in India and bring it home via blogs,  video, pictures and a desire to share their story.

In this country, volunteers  do our social media,  graphic work, tech assistance, and website.  They knit sweaters, organize fund raisers, enlist their friends and relatives in appeals.  They open doors for us to reach others interested in helping and expand our base .

And individuals DONATE funds.   Some as one-off donors, some sponsor a child, and some are Funding Partners, who commit to an annual amount of support.  All are needed, all are deeply appreciated.

Schools, churches, corporations

Churches choose HKI as their own mission project.  Some raise the funds to travel to India to work at the crèches,  to build and equip the crèches and health center.  Some are Funding Partners,  giving annual support.   Others sponsor students,  organize fund-raisers  that spread the word about HKI and enlist new donors.   Churches welcome HKI speakers to their mission committees and church services.   At HKI and BET our roots are in mission.

From preschools to elementary to high schools, teachers have used HKI to open their students minds and hearts to children less fortunate, and to put their students’ energy  and ingenuity to work to help out.  Two high schools, one in Vermont and one in Switzerland, make regular service trips to the crèches.  Schools have bought water purification systems by substituting rice for expensive snacks for a day, and collecting spare change for milk  for the children at the crèches.  HKI is ready to work with teachers to develop their own projects to teach and reach out.

Corporations are Funding Partners; they make the endeavor sustainable by the annual assurance that our funding goals will be reached.

How to get started?  Contact  An HKI board member is ready to talk with you anytime about how YOU can help kids in India.